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Week 12

in this stage of the process, I started to think of the UX part. I started by deciding to add a touchscreen to the camera. and thinking about making it work independently.  but after meeting Liza, I’m reconsidering adding a button which was the initial idea. connecting both cameras through one conductive button that takes both digital and analog images.

Week 4

a combination lock

Understanding the basic logic behind the digital combination lock was the main goal of this project. although it seemed hardcore tech for me at first, thinking it step by step made me realize how simple it is.

Using basic components like Led, 220 ohms resistors, buttons and 10K ohms resistors,  breadboard, Arduino board, jumper wires. you can build your very own safe.

although I realized it required very basic logic, for some reason the lock could work once and stop responding after that, so I wouldn’t recommend putting your governmental papers in such a safe  🙂 so after failing hard I had to use a code from Alyssa:

here is some documentation starting with the failed trial and then after using Alyssa’s code:



Thanks Alyssa!