Week 2 Assignment

Week 2 Slide Deck


  • We will pick up on our flashlights in two weeks!
  • Bring your Arduino next class
  • Please be sure to get alligator clips if you don’t have them (this is my fault – I left them off the resource list accidentally)

DUE BY 2/8:

  • Translate 3 circuits (your choice) we made in class into schematics and post them to the blog.
  • Email or slack Liza your first and second choice for the presentation group by this Saturday.
  • Start planning your group presentations.

DUE BY 2/15

  • In your workshop group, create a zine, poster, etc. that is at least 4 pages (i.e. front, inside x 2, back – any size you want) explaining one or more electrical concepts we have discussed so far. Assume your audience is a complete novice.
    • Note: The goal of this is to create a learning tool, to think about how people learn, and the different ways to explain a topic.
  • Have one person post it to the blog with a short description of why you choose this topic, any challenges, any wins, and group member names.
    Group 1 workshop outline

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