WEEK 6: Displaying Information


2/19 – Outline due
2/26 – Progress update
3/1 – Your presentation

Note: The lesson template is here.


You should cover the following material as you see fit. Please note that you do not have to provide examples or demo all of the sensors listed.

Outputs: Audio and Visual Feedback

  • How can we use light and sound to convey information and data in a meaningful way?
  • What is the role of feedback in a project?
  • Light and sound have an emotional as well as physical impact. How can you use this as a design element?

Light: Using multiple LEDs

  • Create a colormixer using RGB LEDs
  • Using more than 10 LEDs
  • Include all sample code and circuit diagrams


  • Making sound with Arduino
    • What are the possibilities and limitations?
  • Connecting speakers to Arduino
  • Sound circuits
    • Analog – oscillators
    • Arduino – tone() library
    • Other methods
  • Include all sample code and circuit diagrams


  • Show related projects as inspiration
  • Create a mini-synthesizer and have students develop a custom interface.
  • Create an LED display that reacts to music.