Week 2 Assignment

Pick sentence or passage from a story that you like (children’s storybooks work VERY well), a song, a poem, etc that you like. Illustrate part of that narrative using a parallel circuit with 3 LEDs and materials we discussed in class.

Please focus on the construction and aesthetics. Think about how you will use other materials to diffuse your LEDs. Ideally, I would like the circuit visible in your illustration. Consider how you can use the aesthetic properties of the materials to design a circuit that is fully integrated into the illustration – not just a circuit on the bottom with a piece of paper on top.

Post documentation to the blog and bring your final product into class.

Here are a few examples from past classes:
These do not embed the circuit into the illustration, but are still very successful aesthetically:
Where the Wild Things Are, Vivian Lee 2017
Sublime Light by Sofia Aronov

These do embed the circuit into the illustration:
My Neighbor Totoro by Hayao Miyazaki, by Chanel Duyen 2017
Hug Me by Misung Kim
Ray Bradbury quotation by Eliza Bruce

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