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Final_Sungmin Ashley Ro

My final project was to reveal a word made up of copper thread, using thermochromic color and heating circuit.

Here is my instructable link:  link:

Materials used in this project:
– Arduino
– Ultrasonic Sensor
– Cotton pieces
– Conductive Copper Thread
– Wires
– Thermochromic Color Pigmen
– Clear Acrylic Paint
– Colorful Acrylic Paints
– Mosfet Heating Circuit (connector between Arduino and the sewed copper wires)


Playing and Testing Thermochromic Color:

Painting acrylic paint:

Covering on top of the acrylic paint with black thermochromic paint:



week10_Sungmin Ashley Ro

For this assignment, I used regular paints to fill up the bottom layer and used black color thermochromic pigment mixed with a clear acrylic base to fill the top layer.

Video link of the thermochromic reacting to my circuit:


Colors on each layers progress:

Heating element:

Thermochromic reacting to the heat:

Materials I’ve used in this assignemnt:
– thermochromic pigment
– a clear acrylic
– regular acrylic colors
– conductive thread
– arduino blink function
– heating circuit with 9V battery


Week12_Sungmin Ro_Flip Dots

Week 12: Flip dot!

For flip dot assignment, I remade it connecting a small bead and a bigger bead together to make them work together when I connect their ends to 9V battery.

video of them working:


Materials used in this project:
– 9V battery
– 2 magnetic beads
– yarn
– thread
– conductive thread

Midterm_Sungmin Ashley Ro(updated)


  • link to Instructable website:

I often thought that I needed a separate light just for a closet. There were some situations when I did not want to turn on my room light to grab something out of closet.. especially not to wake up my roommate and pets. So I thought about creating a moveable light on a hanger.

I planned to make the circuit directly onto one of my shirts, however, it did not quite work out because the shirt was too stretchy. Instead, I used pillow case fabric to make a mini shirt that can be hung on a hanger.

I created a circuit using Flora, LED lights, and a button that controls turning on/off the lights. When Flora is connected to a battery, a button is activated to control the lights.

 Materials used:

  • Pillow cover
  • LED lights * yellow
  • Flora (arduino)
  • A button
  • Conductive thread
  • Conductive fabric
  • Copper thread

Future iteration:

  • make more than one state for lights. (ex: blinking, lights partially on, etc)
  • make both side of the shirt work (add more lights on the other side of the shirt)




  • Title. “Tight it to Light it!”
  • Description. This swatch (when light and the battery are in place) is to light a LED when the belt is tightened.
  • Materials. conductive fabric & paint & thread are used.
  • Techniques. Conductive threads are hand sewed onto a fabric that is used for embroidery.
  • References. I wanted to be creative with surface contact activated circuit. And thought a way of making two surfaces lock up to light the LED. (the belt!)

I’m using conductive paint spread on the fabric! and the thread.

belt type switch! using conductive fabric also. I liked that even a thin layer of the paint was able complete the circuit. I enjoyed hand sewing experience =].