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Week12_Sungmin Ro_Flip Dots

Week 12: Flip dot!

For flip dot assignment, I remade it connecting a small bead and a bigger bead together to make them work together when I connect their ends to 9V battery.

video of them working:


Materials used in this project:
– 9V battery
– 2 magnetic beads
– yarn
– thread
– conductive thread

Week 12 – Lisa Ho

For this week’s project, I made my flip dot with 1 circuit. It took me a long time to embroider the circle/ring part of the circuit to the fabric. I wanted the circuit to be completely hidden. It is really satisfying to see the dot flip as you connect to the battery.

Materials used-

  • Fabric
  • Conductive thread
  • Embroidery thread,
  • Magnetic Bead
  • 9v battery

Video of the bead flipping –