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Final Project – Zhenyuan Shi

For my final, I decided to explore projection mapping, and link it with the soft circuit that I learned in this class.

For future iterations, I want to improve the interface and make it fit better with the paper structure. I also want to make the paper structure into a bigger scale so the installation will be more immersive.

Link to my instructable:

Week 11 – Zhenyuan Shi

For this week’s assignment, at first I was trying to sew the SMA as a thread to see how it works. But soon it got tangled and started breaking. After that I took the SMA out and sewed it on to a kind of fabric which will have a nice wrap while being pulled. In the beginning I used to much thread to sew the SMA onto the fabric that when it is heated it didn’t have enough space to move. Then I cut out some thread, it started working. I used a pressure sensor which is connected to the analog input on Arduino and mapped the analog output according to that.

Week 10 HW – Zhenyuan Shi

For this week’s assignment, since the material we are given are electricity and thermochromic ink, I came up with the idea of creating a project related to global warming to raise awareness of people’s use of electricity.

In order to have a more better graphic quality, I chose to apply ink with screen printing. Here are the illustrations I created for the screen printing process:

During the process, I realized it is very hard to mix thermochromic ink with screenprinting paint. It required a lot of thermochromic pigment to actually mix with the screenprinting paint. Here is the screen-printed illustration that I have:

After that, I created the circuit for it using copper conductive thread and fabric:

When the circuit is connected to electricity, the ice-cube under the penguin will fade away and the penguin will become redder:

Week 6 HW – Zhenyuan Shi

  1. Switch connecting to Arduino:

I used a switch to turn on/off a LED.


2. Sensor for Arduino:

I created a pressure sensor to dim up/down the LED connected.

And here is the code for the sensor:

3. Midterm idea:

For my final project, I want to create a 3D paper bird lamp, so when you pull its tail up, the light would turn on, and then when the tail is down, the light will turn off.

Here is a paper prototype of it without a tail. And here is the design plan for the tail and how it is going to integrate with the circuit:




Week 5 HW – Zhenyuan Shi

For this week, I created a node for battery with felt and conductive thread, then I made a node for LED with paper and copper tape.


Then I created three nodes(two kinds), the first two with felt and buttons, then one with wires, paper clip, and conductive fabric.





Week 3 HW – Zhenyuan(Christina) Shi

For this week’s homework, I created a selection switch which allows the user to choose which light to be turned on. I used conductive thread and sewable LEDs.

And I then I made three identical ones, in which I used different materials to achieve the same effect.

For learning a new craft, I learned embroidery.

My favorite tool is X-ecto knife, because I really like working with paper and the knife makes it very fast and precise it could cut paper.

I think I would identify my practice as storyteller, maker, designer, and craftsperson. Since I came from a film background, it is quite important for me that my piece of work carries a story or some kind of narrative. I consider myself as also a maker&craftsperson because I am really into DIY culture and I’m passionate about figuring out how things work and constructing them.

Week 2 Assignment – Zhenyuan Shi

For this assignment, I made the illustration based on the quote “They found out that the small fish in the pound, will swim to the moon with a smile on their face.” in Jimmy Liao’s book When the Moon Forgot.

I used conductive ink to build the circuit, and I used SMD LEDs to create the shiny eyes of the fish. Then I painted the black conductive ink circuit with yellow paint to create the glow of the moon.