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Week 11-Yao

For week 11 exercise, I use the napkin to represent a kid’s heart which like a white paper that without any stain. I use red thread to sewing the flexinol on the napkin to represent that it is easy to give scar to a kid.

Since I failed to upload it for a couple of times, so I put my video on Vimeo.

Link for the video:


Week 5 – Yao

Node-battery materials: Conductive thread to connect the inside battery and outside conductive fabric, the usual fabric which from my useless hoodie and sewing the shape by the usual needle. The shape of node-battery is a cat pattern since I really miss my cat and I’ve never seen him for nearly two years. When I stay with him, I could feel the energy from him.

Connector tool materials: conductive thread inside the fabric and separate into positive and negative. Four ferromagnetic soldering with thread and conductive fabric.

LED materials: the flower LED is made by WonderFoam. Cut a couple shape of petals and stick around the LED then sewing them stable.


Week 2 HW- Yao

I was inspired by a song “twinkle twinkle little star” which written by Jane Tayler.

The sentence “‘Tis your bright and tiny spark, Lights the traveler in the dark” gave me the inspiration to make this shining star.

Hoping my shining star can light up everyone who walks in the dark.

Week 1 -Yao

liquid MIDI is an experimental textile interface for sonic interactions, exploring aesthetics and morphology in contemporary design which made by EJtech.

The liquid MIDI is to create unique control and sounds through a medium.

I’m interested in this kind of technology is screen printed on the textile surface

directly, use Arduino mirco controller and MIDI protocol to communicate with the media. The interaction is the unique part of this project which makes medium be a part of the message.

Here’s the video of liquid MIDI project: