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Final Project by Xu Han

I made a tears sensor for my recent project “Five Facts About Tears”. This tears sensor can detect tears and map tears into sound.

Five Facts About Tears is a video for art performance with five series of speculative wearable installations which have interaction with human extreme emotion carrier–tears.

Instructable link:

The slides and process are here:


Week 1 – Xu Han

I saw a project that translates brain-wave EEG signals into the textile which is called “Mind in the Machine: Psyche in the Age of Mechanical Production” made by artist: Ani Liu. I think it is very cool to save our mind activities into a static visualizing way and combine with knitting. She illustrated her work here:

“This project stitches a portrait of the factory worker, through their fluctuating mental states throughout the day- capturing moments of frustration, focus, and meditative workflow. The resulting fabrics tell a story, and each one is unique to the worker and particular moment in time.”




 Data was captured from a period of work in the factory. From the spectrogram you can see going from top to bottom the changes of brain activity over time, and from left to right, the range of frequencies captured, from Theta to Gamma. Red indicates high activity, green medium, blue, lowest. Delta and Theta waves towards the left are associated with sleeping, dreaming, and meditative states. Alpha in the 7-15 Hz range is associated with relaxed states. Beta in the 13-30 Hz range is associated with Attention, and focus. Gamma- 30 and above, are associated with hyper Alertness.

Check this work here:

Week 8 – Xu Han Midterm Documentation

I am interested in human unconsciousness activities like blinking eyes. This small action is necessary for keeping eyes functional which always open and close. I was wondering if I can make a speculative switch based on these on-offs to control turn on and turn off the light.




For further step, I want to create information (language) according to Morse code by using this switch.

Documentation with a light bulb.