Week 3 HW – Zhenyuan(Christina) Shi

For this week’s homework, I created a selection switch which allows the user to choose which light to be turned on. I used conductive thread and sewable LEDs.

And I then I made three identical ones, in which I used different materials to achieve the same effect.

For learning a new craft, I learned embroidery.

My favorite tool is X-ecto knife, because I really like working with paper and the knife makes it very fast and precise it could cut paper.

I think I would identify my practice as storyteller, maker, designer, and craftsperson. Since I came from a film background, it is quite important for me that my piece of work carries a story or some kind of narrative. I consider myself as also a maker&craftsperson because I am really into DIY culture and I’m passionate about figuring out how things work and constructing them.

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