Week 1 – Lavonne Sun

The project I like the most is < La Porte Rouge > by Clement Cogitore. I first saw this piece of work during my visit to Palais de Tokyo in Paris.

It was installed in the middle of a pathway hall where every visitors have to go through this final door before being able to continue their journey in the rest of the exhibition.

A heavy, monumental stage curtain, decorated according to the lavish codes of the opera, opens then closes again mechanically, but also chaotically, in an asynchronous and irregular rhythm. As a large passage in the form of a stage entrance for the visitors, this curtain comes over as active, living, haunted element: here, it is the set itself that becomes a character, putting on a show.

This is a piece of work that I would say using the simplest effect to create a strong experience. I was totally shocked the first time I saw it and strong feeling of impression it brings to me still haunting around even when I left the scenario. 

It was made by the film director and artist Clement Cogitore collaborated with Enrique Lopez & Germain Benoit – Manufacture Royale Bonvallet.

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