Week 2. Assignment_Illustration Project -Misung


‘No one in his family thought of giving him a hug.’
I chose a sentence from ‘Hug me’ by Simona Ciraolo.

It’s the story of the universal need for affection and friendship. I decided to give him a hug(touch).

thumb_img_0795_1024 thumb_img_0799_1024

This is my sketch.

I imagined that the little cactus has a heart like a human. When it’s touched or pressed, the cactus react to it presenting its delight (by turning lightings on).
I tried to make a parallel circuit using only two lines, and linked each side of LED node with a line of copper tape passing through the cactus.

thumb_img_0785_1024 thumb_img_0793_1024 thumb_img_0794_1024thumb_img_0752_1024

Since copper tape lines looked messy, I decided to hide them and the battery as well. So I overlapped the bottom of cut outs and also for hiding LED nodes, I covered them with paper flowers.

thumb_img_0778_1024 thumb_img_0772_1024thumb_img_0783_1024

Hug->Delight = Touch->Lights on


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