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Week 3, In Class Assignment: Nipple Gnome

w: Jed Segovia & Eliza Bruce

Description: The swatch contains white conductive yarn that contains positive and ground leads embedded into the swatch.

Materials: Regular yarn and conductive yarn.

Techniques: The swatch was made by knitting.

What it does: This is a button/pressure sensor that reacts to being squeezed. The patch on the bottom is sewn with conductive thread which is connected to conductive snaps. The patch on the bottom is connected internally to a “flap” which is lined with conductive copper fabric and a sliver of conductive foam for detecting the squeezing.

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aerochomics shot

Week 1 Assignment – Terricka, Aerochromics

I think this project has an overall great design and aesthetic to it. When looking at it, I wonder about how they developed a reactive paint mixture that would blend the same way as paint from a general screen print.  I think the project fails in that perhaps most people do not care about air quality enough to wear an actual visual representation of it. Even so, the overall design and aesthetic really intrigue me and I think definitely finds a good balance between fashion and technology.