Week 7 Midterm – Lisa Ho


My midterm was a star¬†constellation embroidery that lights up when you touch it and connect the thread together. I’ve always loved constellations and stars at night because I love how it lights up the dark. For this project, I used thread, conductive thread, water paint to paint the white fabric, LEDs, Attiny to make the LED light up, solder and hot glue to make my circuit connection stronger.

I sew my circuit of the light with conductive thread on another fabric and then embroidered the star embroidery to make sure that the two LEDs I’m lighting up are in the right places. Then I sewed it all together. And the end product is when you touch the two threads at the bottom, one LED will light up and when you connect the thread on top, the top LED will light up.

You can find the instructable here 

This is the Attiny circuit I made which is the basis of the code and circuit I used in my midterm.

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