Midterm – Carla

Social Scarfmeter

This project comes aims to quantify and visualize the mood, more specifically how eager I am to interact with other people at that precise moment. Ranging from 0 to 4, embedded LEDs show the value on the front of the person’s torso. The user has a stretchy knitted knob that can be used to change the value of the social value just by pulling.

User testing



On the final iteration of the project, I used a scarf, some black canvas that provided some structure to the soft circuit, copper thread, conductive tape, conductive yarn, AT-tiny85, socket, resistor, Lipo Battery and battery socket.

This project had 3 past iterations that didn’t work as expected. This circuit was very tricky. All version below had some kind of shortcircuit even though they follow the same circuitry than the final version. During the process, I improved no only my technique but also my decision making towards circuits.

Here the first prototype that work using ATtiny and breadboard.

Find here the code used. There is a threshold for the sensor that I defined first using Arduino UNO and taking advantage of the serial port. After that, I’ve adjusted blindly any time I needed.

ATtiny exercise capacitive + switch 

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