Week 5 – Youchun Zhang

Nodes and Connectors

The two nodes I made this week are made with paper and felt. I used the copper tape, one piece of cardstock paper and a yellow LED to make the LED node. For the battery node, I used the conductive thread, the conductive fabric, a small piece of felt to make the battery holder, and a bigger piece of felt.

The three connectors are using the same structure in the middle – the conductive thread either sewed to a piece of fabric or inside the thick knitted thread. I explored different kinds of objects in the junction part. I found a small bag of tiny wood clips at the crafting store, which became a part of my first connector. The second one is made with the sewable meta snaps. In the third one, I used the paper clip and the pin.

A tool I would like to have in this class

I wonder if there is an embroidery hoop that can be changed to different shapes so that all kinds of size of materials can be fixed to it. Most of the hoops are either circular or in an oval shape, but since the shape we created sometimes can be really random, more flexibility here would be great. 

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