Week 5 – Lisa Ho

Nodes & Connectors

I built my two nodes- one with the battery with fabric and the one with LED with paper. I used the conductive thread and conductive fabric to make the battery node. I also sewed a lining at the edges of the rectangle fabric. For the LED node, I simply used a conductive tape and soldered the LED on it.

Two out of the three connectors I used the conductive thread in the middle of the rope and solder it at the ends onto either a paperclip. The other connector I used a stretchy conductive fabric and sewed a felt over it to make it look warmer and cuter. I used the sewable meta snaps in the ends.

A tool I would like to have in class

I would love to have a desk-sized ironing device where you can put your conductive fabric and the fabric you want to attach it to and just iron it quickly to it. You could leave it on and used it whenever without always having to heat the iron up.

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