Week 6 – Lisa Ho

I connected one of the soft switches I made to your Arduino. I used it to light up an LED. So when I pressed on the switch, the LED will LED up.

Then, I built a circuit with the switch and 3 LEDs. I light up the LED by using different pressure. When the sensor goes greater and equal than 100 but less than 200, the red LED will turn on. When the sensor goes greater or equal to 200, the blue LED will turn on and else the green LED will turn on.

Sadly, I lost the video I filmed. But I have the code which I will post below.

The materials used include Arduino, LEDs, soft switch I made out of felt and sponge, jumper wires, breadboard.

For Midterm

I love constellations. I am thinking of doing an embroidery and incorporating light into the embroidery so it lights up whenever I touch it. I’m thinking this could be an art that hangs up by my wall.


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