Week 6 – Carla

  1. Connect one of a soft switch to your Arduino. Use it to control an LED.

I decided to try out Lily tiny ( ATtiny-85). It quite tricky to set up and to control as desired. I got to control the LED with my soft switch.

2. Build a circuit with one constructed sensor (variable resistor), your Arduino, and 3 (or more) LEDs or an RGB LED. 

I tried with the Lily tiny but I didn’t manage to control the analog input properly. So I switched back to the Arduino UNO. I created a switch with copper fabric and Velastat that allows me to control the Leds easily.

I wanted to create a stretchy switch with a french knitter, but I could use conductive yarn, so I used regular yarn.

It looks nice I could use it in the future.

Midterm proposal

I’m planning on creating an interactive scarf. A very handy piece for those cold winters to measure the intensity of those persistent sneezes.

I have to figure out some details, such as how to control the signal with the lily tiny or how to power the system without wires.


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