Week 3&4 – Lavonne

For this assignment I created a soft switch to play with the on and off of the LED.

Get inspired by Jie Qi’s soft circuit construction. I am really interested in the connection of the motion of smooth your finger back and forth to trigger the LED light up.

I played with the aesthetics of the circuit. Silver color conductive tape chosen for the simplicity of elegance contrast to the dark navy blue background.

The trick of the circuit is that only when you pressed and the circuit will be completed and the LED will light up. It turns the whole piece of area to be a magical pad when people are pressing back and force, it creates a satisfying loop (at least to me). The potential of this circuit can be scale up and more complex to make a puzzle of switch to let people explore where to press to trigger the LED.

Video HereĀ :IMG_9612


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