Final _ Lisa Ho + Link to Instructables

For my final, I decided to combine the idea of fidget blankets for Dementia, Alzheimer’s, Seizures and fabric books to make a series of interactive fidget portable pieces for children in which they can play anywhere with them.

Materials use –

  • Felt (different colors)
  • Different texture paper (your choice)
  • Sponge for push button
  • Sewing kit & thread
  • Buttons & small pompoms
  • Patterned Fabric Material
  • LEDs
  • Conductive thread
  • Paper roses
  • Fabric glue

I think the hardest part is to think of a good circuit to incorporate into your swatch design, once that is drawn and tested out. The rest will be sewing the circuit and hoping that there isn’t any short circuits that prevent your LED from working.

Then, I sewed the drawn circuits on my fidget pieces!



Link to Instructable page:

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