Week 10 – Dario Narvaez

Working with Thermochromic ink          

In order to work with Thermochromic ink, it is extremely necessary to perform tests with different colors and volumes of pigments. For example, I didn’t have any luck using yellow Thermochromic Ink; if it is used with a clear pigment, the contrast is very low and the change in temperature is not perceived; If a dark pigment is used, the powder is not sufficiently strong to clarify the mixture and create enough contrast.

Conductive thread worked perfect to generate an approximate resistance of 22-23 ohms. Enough to be used with a 9 Volt battery and create enough heat to affect the Thermochromic Ink. Of course, combinations of powder of high contrast colors is highly recommended.

For the I wish I could have explored another mini-project (a VERY premature idea for the time of the year, I’m sorry!), But I had to use the resources I had in hand, and this seemed a decent answer. The idea here was to allow the transformation of color to showcase the Christmas tree lights and star.

I really love doing circuits with paper or fabric with the intention of illustrating connections (using notes and symbols). I find enchanting the look and the educational sense of them. I just imagine having many of these nodes that could be combine in multiple ways.


  • Thermochromic ink
  • Paper
  • Fabric
  • Arduino
  • Alligator clips

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