Week 7 & Midterm – Youchun Zhang

Instructable link: https://www.instructables.com/id/Yarn-Globe-Meditation-Lamp/

I was inspired by the breathing rhythm from the fading effect. So I made this bird nest style lamp that can help people medidate when they feel really stressed.

I started the process with making the yarn globe:

Soak the yarn into school glue

Wrap the yarn around a balloon

The code part is a combination of the ATtiny exercise (link) and the fading example.

Testing the ATtiny touch sensor

The yarn pom-pom is being used as a touch sensor. When holding it, the LEDs will be lit up with the fading effect. I only soldered two LEDs, therefore, it is not bright enough. For the future iteration, I am planning to use a brighter set of LEDs and also consider making several of them with different rhythms.

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