Week 8 Using Knob Control Stepper Motor

1. The difference between DC motor, Stepper motor, and Servo.

DC motor have a high speed of rotation, and once it is power charged, it will spin until the power is removed. Stepper motor has much precise control which have multiple magnetics installed inside to push the torque spin at  a specific direction and speed. Servo is like a DC motor with potentiometer installed inside for a speed control. It can rotate either clockwise or anti-clockwise.

2. Make a circuit using any of the new things you learned today- H bridges/ controlling high current loads OR work with a motor you haven’t worked with before OR Try making a circuit using multiple motors. Document it on the blog per the usual format.


Using potentiometer to control speed of stepper motor


The value of potentiometer determines the speed of stepper motor.

  • How it works: the value from potentiometer serves as a analog input and determines the speed of stepper motor as a analog output.


The range of speed does not spread too much making it almost like two stages: stop and rotate. Also, the maximum speed of stepper motor was not high enough for a more conspicuous presentation.


  1. Arduino UNO R3 x 1
  2. Breadboard x 1
  3. Stepper motor x 1
  4. Stepper motor driver x 1
  5. Potentiometer x 1
  6. Wires

Connection Diagram:



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