Week 7 Wireless Using Bluetooth


I want to create wireless connection between Arduino and OpenFrameworks using Ada.


To connect two bluetooth module together, and send data between each other you have to have both module for master and module for slave. In this time, I only connect the module with my laptop, so I only need module for slave. (H05 can be both master and slave, H06 can only be a slave).

  • How it works: You push the button on H05 module to enter AT mode, and then reconnect VCC and upload the Arduino code. Then connect OpenFrameworks to Arduino using Serial connection.


The connection was not stable enough, and the data sent to OpenFrameworks delayed too long.


  1. Arduino UNO R3 x 1
  2. Breadboard x 1
  3. H05 module x 1
  4. 5V Battery x 1

Connection Diagram:





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