Pearl Switch
This is a switch that the users can move the bead to different positions to turn on different LEDs. I used LEDs, paperboard, conductive tapes, pins, and foamed plastic. The pin is the trigger in my swatch. And the foamed plastics are stuck together to hide the needles of pins. I soldered 3 LEDs in each swatch. I got inspiration from arcades. Some old game machines have this kind of mechanism.

I learned how to weave by making use of a mini weaving loom. Maker, designer, artist, learner, craftsperson, and practitioner are the labels I gave myself during the process of weaving. Because the first thing I need to do is understanding the theory of weaving which is not very difficult. However, it takes time thinking about how to make different patterns instead of just rectangles. My favorite tool is my brain for now. And doing the creative jobs is the most exciting part of the making process. I realized the tricky thing about weaving is not how to make pretty patterns but how to hide all the thread residues to finish a piece.

Tips: Make sure binding of yarn and loom is tight enough or you will find all the yarns become loose in the end.

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