Week 3 & 4 – Neil V. Techapanichgul


I chose Felting because the way you can sculpt an object by poking into a shape looks fun. I never have this kind of experience before but, it is so relaxing and mesmerizing.

So I tried to make a sphere which took me about 3 hours to form the model. Anyway, I achieved the head of my rabbit, and I continue to work on the body.

There we go! We got a little purple bunny!


For the swatch exchange, I’m also trying to make a light bulb by using felting technique to make one. It’s a little bit tricky and hard to put electric components inside a piece of wool.

So I make two parts which a front and a back piece to connect to each other between a battery and a led.

I had fun working on these projects.

Thank you, Liza, 😀


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