Shenyue’s Midterm Documentation

Here is my link for Midterm project on Instructables:

I intended to created a painting inspired by Starry Night, by Vincent van Gogh, using hand sewing on canvas. The stars in the sky have been designed to be LED lights that when connected the battery to the circuit, the yellow lights will light up. Also the painting is divided into two parts. The right one has switch that can control the circuit while the left one is simply a part of circuit. When they are separate, only the right part can be a complete painting in which we can use switch to control the lights. When they are connected, they form a whole larger painting, which the switch can control the whole lights.

At the beginning, I drew the circuit on the paper, intending to incorporate circuit into lines of drawing. I used copper tape to cover the circuit to test everything was working and there was no short circuit.

Then, I drew the draft on the canvas and started sewing the conductive thread onto the canvas.

After checking my conductive thread and lightbulbs were working, I sewed more colorful thread for the decoration. Below is the final version of the project.




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