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Week2 Shenyue Wu

I was inspired by the children story The Little Match Girl by Danish author Hans Christian Andersen. I designed my project to be a match box and divided it into three parts. We all know that in the story, the girl lighted a match several times. The first time she saw a fireplace, which represents warmness. The second time she saw a plate of food. The third time she saw a Christmas tree. The three parts of my match box show those three scenarios in the story.

How it works is imaging you are the girl and hold the match included in the box. When you touch the point in the first part, you will see the fireplace lighting up with red light. For second one, you will see the food lighting up with yellow light and for the last one, you will see the Christmas tree lighting up with green light.

Week 2 Homework – Neil V. Techapanichgul

Smile Envelope

In Action




I always like the quote about the moment when you missing someone.

“Your words warmed my heart” – Unknown

At some point in our life, there is sometimes to get lonely and you are not expecting anything else except a mail from your loved one. My inspiration is when you received a mail from your loved one such as your family members, your boyfriend or girlfriend, you tend to be happy and get warmer.

Materials used

1 x Led Light

1 x 3v Battery

1 x Copper Tape


It is hard to make a spring that blocks the circuit. I’m trying to use a letter to block the copper tape and it kind of works. I want to know a better way to use this in the future.

Week 2 – Anna Garbier

Crafting a Path, inspired by the last stanza of Osso Buco by Billy Collins:

In a while, one of us will go up to bed
and the other will follow.
Then we will slip below the surface of the night
into miles of water, drifting down and down
to the dark, soundless bottom
until the weight of dreams pulls us lower still,
below the shale and layered rock,
beneath the strata of hunger and pleasure,
into the broken bones of the earth itself,
into the marrow of the only place we know.





Week 2 Homework – Lisa Ho

I was inspired by my favorite animation film called Spirited Away by Hayao Miyazaki. This character is one of my favorite characters named the No Face Man who always seems to quietly look after the protagonist, Chihiro Ogino, on the side. In this particular scene, the No-Face Man is waiting by the bridge, observing everything.

Materials used-

  • Copper Tape
  • 3volt battery
  • LEDs

I actually had to really draw out how my circuit was going to fit before getting started. I had a brief picture in my mind and resulted in many re-dos. I also realized that if you somehow trimmed a bit of your copper tape, it could result in the circuit not working.

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Week 2 – Erica

I was inspired by the quote “Adventure is out there!” from the movie ‘UP’. I really like the how colorful the movie is and the balloon element. So I decided to create the balloon house scene and integrate the LEDs into the balloons. The mediums I chose are fabrics, conductive threads, and embroidery threads.

I started by drawing out how to connect all 6 LEDs together with the battery, then I sewed them on to the fabric.

I dyed a small strip of fabric with watercolor, cut them into balloon shapes and sew them on top of the LEDs for diffusing. Then I added more embroidery threads next to the conductive threads so they look like balloon strings. Lastly, I did a small embroidery House and sewed it to the bottom.

Week 2 Assignment – I Sound My Barbaric YAWP!

I chose to illustrate one of my favorite verses from Song of Myself by Walt Whitman. I’ve read this poem countless times. I felt this particular passage would work well with a loose looking style of writing using a simple marker. I wanted to accentuate the raw nature of the verse using simple tools. Above are a few of the practice sketches, beginning in pencil, and moving to marker once I felt like the proportion worked. I used the marker sketch to practice soldering. Below is the finished illustration.



Minotaur is a monster with the head of a bull and the body of a man. It was kept in the Labyrinth in Crete, feeding on human flesh, until Theseus killed the Minotaur with the help of a princess. So in this piece, I use conductive tape to draw the shape of the Labyrinth. And the two yellow LEDs are the eyes of Minotaur. The red LED represents the torch in Theseuss hands.