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Week 11 – Lisa Ho

In this week’s assignment, I tried to put the flexinol into a start to mimic how it glitters and sparkles in the sky. I think the effect is not what I expected. It is a little bit slow. But I love stars so I still love the little star I made.

Materials – felt, flexinol, jumper wires, 9-volt┬ábattery, and resistor

I used one of the soft buttons I build and made my start sparkle.

Week 11 – Anna Garbier

I attempted to make a fabric jellyfish, whose tentacles can be programmed to curl and relax using nitinol and electricity. As of class-time, I still need to do some debugging.

So far, I’ve confirmed that my “circuit board” (the same one from Week 10’s heat circuit) works, but I suspect I have some loose connections in my actual jellyfish circuit. I’ll further secure the connections, and update here with the working result. For now, some initial pictures: