Week 4 – Lisa’s Lock


Goal of the project and/or desired interaction

This week, our homework was to make a lock that can be unlocked (green light will light up) with a specific pin or password with Arduino. And inserted with the wrong password or pin, a red will light up indicating the password is wrong.

Quick description of assembly and list of core components

1x Arduino board

1x Medium breadboard

1x Green LED

1x Red LED

1x Blue LED

4x Buttons

2x Resistors (220 ohms) for resistors

4x Resistors (10K ohms) for buttons

How it works

There are 4 buttons and 3 LED lights (green, red, and blue). The blue light will be on when the lock is ready. To unlock the lock, the pin is 0, 0, 1, 2, 3. Once you press the right pin, the lock will unlock with a green light that indicates it is unlocked. When you press the wrong pin, the red LED will light up and flashes.

Any problems you encountered and/or solved

I had problems setting up the sequence and had a hard time assigning them to the right buttons. After debugging my circuit and with the explanation and help others, I was able to get the sequence right.

Images of my circuit

Arduino Code



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