week 12 prototype and playtesting

This project has three parts, color sensor, Wacom digitizer, digital screen. This installation will set up on the darkroom for the better user experience, when a user comes into the room they can find some objects placed around the color sensor, they may try them at first them find the other color they need in the surrounding.



I attended the PLAYTECH (in D12) activity for the children and teenagers user testing, I use my conceptual prototype to test more than ten young people at a total. The main part I test is the stability of the sensor, the playability of the function, the unexpected outcomes from a different kid.

 I provide the RGB sensor which can catch the color you input form the objects with a tip note, also I put a Wacom board and digital pen beside the sensor to test how they react with them.




        • Teenagers (youngest 10 years old) can understand the usage of the project better, children (under 6 years old) always ignore what I said, and barely use the button to control the color, and their painting has less meaning and structure.
        • All testees are all express their passion and interest through the test.
        • Some teenagers suggest if people can erase the image they draw.
        • They want more options of brush pattern, for example, cartoon character, mixed shapes. 
        • Two teenagers think they need to press many times button to draw a satisfied painting which is a little bit confused sometimes.


        • Adding more brush shapes, you may can create by yourself or you can choose one of them.
        • Editing the input color more accurate and stable.
        • Thinking about the erase function.
        • Simplify the button function.


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