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Week 1_Yixun


This is a project called FrabricKeyboard from MIT media lab. The fabric keyboard consists of multi-layer textile sensors machine-sewn in a keyboard pattern, and it detects different stimuli such as touch, pressure, stretch, proximity, and electric field. What I found interesting is that users can not only touch the interface to interact but also use non-contact gestures to play music. This project reminds me of another musical invention—Hand Roll Piano. With small size and low power consumption, Hand Roll Piano becomes a great portable musical instrument. Compare to Hand Roll Piano, FrabricKeyboard has made improvement in interaction design and music style that can be played.



Week 1 Assignment

  1. Get logged onto course website. Please change your username to your name.
  2. Find a project that excites you and that uses the materials we looked at in class. You can use one from today’s class or find something new.
  3. Create a post that includes, images, video, or other documentation. Write a brief paragraph explaining what it is about this project that intrigues you.
  4. Purchase materials listed in TOOLS today or tomorrow.