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Week 1 – Carla Molins

This project is part of a textile design students at MOME – Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design performed by EjTech. It consists of different systems compound by sensors that play music/sound. The uniqueness of this project relies on its materiality, all natural materials, fibers, leaves, and some other elements that make this technological project break the barrier between nature and technology. I find it both poetic and visually compelling.

There is a wide variety of hand-crafted sensors made of textile in addition to different natural materials coming from different plants and vegetables.  Of course, I couldn’t try it and feel it, but it seems to me that it has to be really smooth and satisfying. I love every bit of this project! I’d like to try to work with natural materials combined with other synthetics that makes the interaction viable, efficient and reliable. It’s highly experimental, but I’m willing to explore new ways to play with senses and haptics.

Artists and designers have been proposing the ideas to grow textiles as the ways to think about environmental, sustainable, ethical issues surrounding the textile production.
We propose to think about these issues including how e-textiles and smart textiles plays a role towards sustainable living, creating possible futures for second skins, sensors and adaptive/responsive structures. EjTech.