I changed my Idea for my final a bit.

I want to make rotating water, by the help of a servo motor and magnets.

At first I was thinking to use a motion sensor to activate the servo motor, but I’d like to us a piezo instead.

Playing around with it a bit. Though I would be fun to have a christmas three inside of it or a snow ball.

I got the idea from the Chemical mixers.


Serial Communication

Over the break I f-i-n-ally got Processing and Arduino to communicate.  I think I have may have gone through every problem possible.

Liza mentioned this link below for troubleshooting Serial Communication.  Following these steps didn’t fix my problem and the potentiometer was still not changing the color of the screen.  So I just wanted to say that I would not recommend this link for this particular problem of troubleshooting the mismatch of rx/tx libraries.  I tried it a few times and couldn’t get it to work and I ended up having to uninstall both programs and reinstall.

Bad –

Later I also had problems with my USB drive reading at all and then once that was fixed, reading my port name.  After many different blog searches I finally found Jeremy Blum’s tutorials – super helpful!  He has a number of subjects too.

So if you need help with serial communication – especially troubleshooting – I may be able to help!  And if you are stuck on something Arduino related – try Jeremy Blum!  In the end it really felt good to finally get the serial communication working and I learned a lot in the process.

Here is my video of the Potentiometer changing the color in Processing!

Arduino + Processing Communication

Instead of visualizing data, I made processing communicate to the Aduino. When you type in the correct password, it unlocks the “vault” and you can get the chocolates :) . I had the correct password working correctly, but I still need to figure out how to get an input of any incorrect password (right now it only works with a few words I used).