Yang Feng

OF class + addon

I use the serial communication’s sketch(http://lizastark.com/cclabfall2012/?p=982) and “translate” the processing code into OF.


Here the git hub link



The most difficulty is the “translation” part. I used documentation on openFrameworks to figure out most of the code. http://www.openframeworks.cc/documentation/.

And I also found some useful resources to understand easier.



Library assignment

Here is my github link.

Here is the library named Ani that I chose.

I used Ani and class array. Trying to create 3 dimensional effects in 2D space. When you click the mouse, the dots will animate to some 3D shapes randomly.

OOP work

Basically my idea is to create a 3D effects sketch in 2D environment. And here is the link.

If you click “DOWN”, small snow will turn to medium snow. And if you click “UP”, it will change to great heavy snow.

Because the size and speed of each piece of snow is different according to its depth. So I use class to make ellipses looks like they are not in the same surface.

And now I’m trying to create more stuffs(like trees, road and so on) to make it more real.