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OF first trial Or Leviteh

OF first trial

I tried to get the “clear” by mouse click and I really don’t know if it’s working because I’m assuming that OF does not collect and update like processing. For that reason, the tool I made in processing, that left a pretty mark with the mouse, does not work in OF. What I did manage to do is control the colors of the lines with the keyboard, numbers 1-5, taken from the “BlendingExample”.

Screen video is here!

Codes are in this Google Doc






Also: instructions on how to Screen capture with QuickTime!  You can trim the video and share directly to Vimeo, useful stuff.

The Bear and the Flower – version 2.0

The Bear and the Flower – version 2.0
The bear’s nose is sensitive to the flower’s light.
When you pore water on the flower, it tips over and affects the allergic bear, who then sneezes.

tilt sensor -> servo motor & LED -> light sensor -> speaker & fading LED.

We wanted to upgrade the bear and the flower’s interaction. They actually affect each other now. We had problems with getting the bear’s nose to fade according to light exposure, and then to incorporate the sneeze into it. We decided to put an actual physical gesture as the trigger of the action – the water funnel, which can be repeated.

video on viemo.
github code flower.
github code bear.

The bear and the flower!

Joint project with Jeannette Subero.
We thought of an interaction between an allergic bear and a flower. The bear’s nose gets redder and redder in the presence of the flower, since he’s allergic. The glowing flower is spreads its pollen and makes the bear sneeze.
We had trouble incorporating the two codes together – the “blink” and the “fade”. It seems that the delay order that the “blink” code gives, affects the “fade” as well.

Week 6 Or Leviteh

LED’s = Pretty lights.
Are the red LED’s using up more energy than the other ones?
What does “behooves” mean?
I don’t get all the words for stuff, but they make sense when I see them in the calculations.

Videos and Pics:
Arduino 1
Arduino 2


Almost forgot github: