Open Frameworks Point Cloud

For our OF assignment, I decided to mess around with the 3D Point Cloud Example. I was curious as to how the images were given depth. At first, I thought it was simply related to the color of the image. However, as I found out when using several images that it was the opacity that affected depth. I used a picture of my friend, Ian as well as my dog back home, Charlie. Here are some pictures of the process and result.

Week 4 Libraries Sketches

For week 4, I revisited a project I made during Bootcamp. I tweaked around with the controls and the look of the circles. However, after some changes, I still like a version very similar to the original. The libraries I used were OSCP5 as well as NetP5.

Here is a link to the original sketch on OpenProcessing.

Final Presentation

Here is my presentation on the Max for Live patch I made to read serial inputs from Arduino for my Final. Unfortunately, the blog won’t allow me to upload the actual patch, but you can check it out on my Github page.

MIDI Final Presentation


for the final project in Pcomp, I used 8×8 LED matrix and Real Time Clock device.

what I used for this project is RTC, LED Matrix, two shift registers, capacitor, magnets, LED, conductive tape.

I combined with Pcomp and soft circuit so user can play with each clock and make own shape with cubes.

Each clock shows different time of location and weather.



serial communication

Arduino and Mindflex