Open frameworks works;)

I used the vectorGraphics example and hacked the shapes and movements.
I had a hart time getting started and navigating around, but I sensed to get a little more familiar with it.
Mostly I wish I had more time to do more, I found out as soon as I used the functions on the openframeworks website, there were a lot more cool stuff to do.


I also made a video of my recording interacting with it:

The most difficulties I had was saving the documents, since I wasn’t working on my own computer.

Week 10: OF Add-On + Class

Here is my app! It’s a swarm of bees created using the OF add-on boids and a “queen bee” made with a bees class. Basically, if the “queen bee” returns to the hive, all the bees will swarm back. (click to see the interaction).

good things: i really like being able to integrate classes and add-ons. i also like exploring the add-ons and being inspired by them.

bad things: despite having the right syntax, i’m still having a tough time getting the ‘queen bee’ to trail the mouse. i just need to take a look at it when i have less going on, i think!

Here’s a link to the GitHub: Boids + Bees

And here’s a link to the Screencast: CCLabBoidsAndBees


OF – addons and classes

I tried these addons: Flocking, and Exploding String but I finally settled on Circle Packer.

Good things: I understand the classes and file structure pretty well (I think) and this structure makes more sense to me than the class set up in Processing.

Bad things:  I think something happened to my empty example file because I kept getting super weird error messages – finally I just reopened my ball from last week and wrote over that sketch and the weird errors went away.  AddOns: It took me a super long time to even get access to the AddOns.  First, I was writing #include FOLDERNAME instead of #include .hFILENAME INSIDE THE FOLDER.  Circle Packer didn’t have an src folder inside of it so I finally realized that I needed to make one and drag the files into the src folder before dragging and dropping.  I also figured out how to change the path to be RELATIVE TO PROJECT rather late in the game.  I was never able to use the Flocking addon because the path couldn’t be followed – even after I figured out all of the above (not sure why), but Circle Packer was working after I figured out the src folder.

I tried a lot of variations but I only managed to get one circle from Circle Packer to draw :(   I think I am very close!

Video of what I have so far

openFrameworks – yowza

Here’s my assignment using an add-on and a class. I am still really struggling with openFrameworks, and this turned out to be much more complicated than I expected. When I finally found an add-on that I could get working ok—openCV is one of the add-ons that comes with openFrameworks—it took a long time to figure out what I could manipulate and how. One obstacle was getting the update() function in the class (which I eventually abandoned). Originally I was hoping to have the update field in the class itself respond to the user to change the face from happy to sad and back, but I wound up having to put that in the main testApp file, so that it could use global variables. The movement is very herky-jerky, but I’m not sure of the best way to make it smoother. I also wasn’t able to get the happy/sad change to respond to a mouse-click. The non-working, commented-out code is included.

Code is on Github here, and the video is here:

Assignment for 12/11

Here is a link to the post with the slides and here is your homework. For next Tuesday, you may either,
1) Make one app that uses a class and addon.
2) Make one app that uses a class. Make another app that uses an addon.

You may use example code, but you must significantly modify it. As a gauge, significantly modify means either hack it on a technical level OR completely change the look and feel (think transparency + cat .pngs). If you do this, include documentation of the original code/app (and don’t forget to cite it!).

As we discussed in class, next session will shareout homework then have a final project work session. It is important that everyone be there even though this is a work session. I will meet with each of you individually to discuss your progress and any scoping/technical/conceptual issues.

Even though it may not feel like it, this is what you are actually doing:

Liz’s oF Tips

//What you would have wished you had known.

If xCode tells you it needs to update your project’s anythings (references, settings, whatever) DON’T. You will burst into tears in the middle of the lab when literally everything you’ve ever created breaks.

If you keep having to reset the Base SDK, do it in the emptyExample that you keep copying over and you’ll NEVER have to do it again!!!! :o )


When I used openFrameworks, it was different from Processing because openFrameWorks is similar to c++ and is divided into draw, update and setup, whereas Processing is closer to Java and uses draw and setup. Because the language used in openFrameworks was different, there were many errors at first. I had to find everything which took me a long time but overall it was a good experience.

openprocessing Link

Github Link

Vimeo Link

Problem with building apps

Hi, all,

I was going nuts trying to figure out this problem at the end of yesterday’s class. I’m not sure if anyone else has run across this, but I thought I’d go ahead and post it.

I was hitting the “Run” button, was getting the message, “Build Succeeded,” and then… nothing. After asking around last night, problem solved. Make sure the pull-down menu that lists the choices to be built actually says the app name that you want to build, and not “openFrameworks.” Maddening.

This is where that menu is: