Liz’s oF Tips

//What you would have wished you had known.

If xCode tells you it needs to update your project’s anythings (references, settings, whatever) DON’T. You will burst into tears in the middle of the lab when literally everything you’ve ever created breaks.

If you keep having to reset the Base SDK, do it in the emptyExample that you keep copying over and you’ll NEVER have to do it again!!!! :o )

Problem with building apps

Hi, all,

I was going nuts trying to figure out this problem at the end of yesterday’s class. I’m not sure if anyone else has run across this, but I thought I’d go ahead and post it.

I was hitting the “Run” button, was getting the message, “Build Succeeded,” and then… nothing. After asking around last night, problem solved. Make sure the pull-down menu that lists the choices to be built actually says the app name that you want to build, and not “openFrameworks.” Maddening.

This is where that menu is:


In preparation for our next class, here is a list of sensors to get you thinking. Feel free to bring any sensors you want to work with. The structure of this class will be slightly different – a little more self-guided/small groups, so bring what you want to learn!


1. Photo cell Sensor

2. PIR Motion Sensor

3. Infrared Proximity Sensor

4. Ultrasonic Range Finder


1. Tiny Microphone

2. Piezo Vibration Sensor


Capacitance sensing

Pressure sensors

Flex sensors


Humidity sensors

Temperature sensors

Barometric Pressure Sensor