Jeannette Subero Penaloza

Open Frameworks!

Forgot to show my homework in the work session!!

Basically I took 2 examples, one from the Addons Examples the “SVG example”, where it has a tiger vector image that you can zoom in and out and turn around, and when you click you get the outlines built. I only liked that last feature, so I made my own svg vector image of a house, so when you click on it you sort of see the “inside”, like a 3D blueprint. I then had to add a class, and I found a really fun example from Jeff Crouse’s Code for Art, that had a particle class. I didn’t modify it much, just randomize the colors, and adjust some details to fit my drawing. I would’ve like to spend more time adapting that code, but it took me like 4 hours just to figure out how to link the files of the class to the main app :(




I went back to Bootcamp in an attempt to find a simpler code to translate into OF. So what I thought it was going to be super easy –> BootcampSketch turned out to be a little painful cause I still hadn’t used arrays in that exercise… but anyway, OF was actually fun, cause basically when I thought I was halfway done I just started compiling it and I started fixing line by line (it tells you exactly where and what!). I used the graphics example to know where exactly to place the code and the font example to know how to place a text.



Arduino + Processing Communication

Instead of visualizing data, I made processing communicate to the Aduino. When you type in the correct password, it unlocks the “vault” and you can get the chocolates :) . I had the correct password working correctly, but I still need to figure out how to get an input of any incorrect password (right now it only works with a few words I used).



The Bear and the Flower – version 2.0

The Bear and the Flower – version 2.0
The bear’s nose is sensitive to the flower’s light.
When you pore water on the flower, it tips over and affects the allergic bear, who then sneezes.

tilt sensor -> servo motor & LED -> light sensor -> speaker & fading LED.

We wanted to upgrade the bear and the flower’s interaction. They actually affect each other now. We had problems with getting the bear’s nose to fade according to light exposure, and then to incorporate the sneeze into it. We decided to put an actual physical gesture as the trigger of the action – the water funnel, which can be repeated.

video on viemo.
github code flower.
github code bear.

The bear and the flower!

Joint project with Jeannette Subero.
We thought of an interaction between an allergic bear and a flower. The bear’s nose gets redder and redder in the presence of the flower, since he’s allergic. The glowing flower is spreads its pollen and makes the bear sneeze.
We had trouble incorporating the two codes together – the “blink” and the “fade”. It seems that the delay order that the “blink” code gives, affects the “fade” as well.

Assignment 2

Hula Girl – Hula Skirt



I couldn’t do exactly what I wanted to, at first I wanted to create movement with the skirt, sort of like if the Hula Girl was dancing, but I had a hard time trying to make the image of the skirt move, so I decided to make sort of a pendulum movement with lines, but then I had another problem, the start point of the pendulum was on top of the Hula girl, which wasn’t what I wanted, so then, I figured I would make an animated color skirt with lines coming from 2 different random points from an inner and outer radius I defined with a drawing program…

but it was sort of boring, just random color values…. so what I ended up doing was a skirt that you can define the length by adding a really small value to the outer radius, so everytime it draws through the passage of time, it draws slightly larger…. until you’re satisfied with the length, so you can then change the color and decorate the skirt.


Assignments 4/9

Final Project for Bootcamp:

Hammer Time (Processing)


What I hope to get from CC Lab:

I really liked Code class from bootcamp, it was a real challenge, coming from a non-coding background, but I really enjoyed it. I hope to first get more information on the things that are possible to do with Processing and Arduino, I tend to think of an idea and then figure out how to execute it, and I like that method, but I would like to have a wider knowledge on the things that are possible. Second, I would like to create and make a lot of physical computing objects (I signed up for the pcomp class), so hopefully I will get to do a lot of prototypes. And finally, it would be able to fully understand everything I’m writing on either Processing or Arduino, understand how to write everything.


Artist that inspires me:

Even though I’m not a musician, I really like the idea of Gorillaz, being a musical and visual project. A virtual band. Always trying to find new ways with technology and visual representation.


Battle of the Memes game:

Memes Match (Processing)