Assignment 2

Hula Girl – Hula Skirt



I couldn’t do exactly what I wanted to, at first I wanted to create movement with the skirt, sort of like if the Hula Girl was dancing, but I had a hard time trying to make the image of the skirt move, so I decided to make sort of a pendulum movement with lines, but then I had another problem, the start point of the pendulum was on top of the Hula girl, which wasn’t what I wanted, so then, I figured I would make an animated color skirt with lines coming from 2 different random points from an inner and outer radius I defined with a drawing program…

but it was sort of boring, just random color values…. so what I ended up doing was a skirt that you can define the length by adding a really small value to the outer radius, so everytime it draws through the passage of time, it draws slightly larger…. until you’re satisfied with the length, so you can then change the color and decorate the skirt.