Week 2: Time and space

While exploring this project I immediately started by looking up time. While reading about the history of time I learned that the Mayans thought of time, like many societies, as cyclical. This led me to imagine movement, oscillation of particles and other circular elements.

At the end of this process of learning about time I found my self researching space time and homogeneous polynomials. I was really frustrated as the math was very much above me but I decided I wanted to create shapes that would oscillate at an accelerated rate. I did not want to use photos but actual spaces so that eventually I could make the shapes interact with mouse clicks.


Here are some inspiration sketches I viewed.

 Insperation 1 

Inspiration 2 


Here are some beginning sketches and basic suedo code.





The Sketch:



I find that I want to create things that are way more complicated then what my skill base allows for. I hope to continue to work on this sketch so that I can bring it to the place I want it to be. I’m working on breaking down big ideas into small steps so that I can manage and build on each skill.