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Arduino and Mindflex

Assignment for 12/11

Here is a link to the post with the slides and here is your homework. For next Tuesday, you may either,
1) Make one app that uses a class and addon.
2) Make one app that uses a class. Make another app that uses an addon.

You may use example code, but you must significantly modify it. As a gauge, significantly modify means either hack it on a technical level OR completely change the look and feel (think transparency + cat .pngs). If you do this, include documentation of the original code/app (and don’t forget to cite it!).

As we discussed in class, next session will shareout homework then have a final project work session. It is important that everyone be there even though this is a work session. I will meet with each of you individually to discuss your progress and any scoping/technical/conceptual issues.

Even though it may not feel like it, this is what you are actually doing:

OF + Processing


I decided to port my bouncing balls sketch from Bootcamp into OF. Video can be found here (it works better with multiple people, but it’s just me here right now!). GitHub code is here.

When I originally had the Haar recognition working with the video, the entire thing began to skip and move really slowly, and then the balls moved really, really quickly. But, when I incorporated the image grab and had the haar recognition look at the image, instead of the video, it worked!

Also – here’s the website with the bouncing ball code (and a bunch of other codes).

See you later!