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Hi Everybody.

I’m sending you a link to my video for presentation tomorrow.


I have tried to document my process towards the final product.
Hope you are kick ass tomorrow, I will see you after the break.

Happy holiday and Merry Christmas

Open frameworks works;)

I used the vectorGraphics example and hacked the shapes and movements.
I had a hart time getting started and navigating around, but I sensed to get a little more familiar with it.
Mostly I wish I had more time to do more, I found out as soon as I used the functions on the openframeworks website, there were a lot more cool stuff to do.


I also made a video of my recording interacting with it:


The most difficulties I had was saving the documents, since I wasn’t working on my own computer.


I changed my Idea for my final a bit.

I want to make rotating water, by the help of a servo motor and magnets.

At first I was thinking to use a motion sensor to activate the servo motor, but I’d like to us a piezo instead.

Playing around with it a bit. Though I would be fun to have a christmas three inside of it or a snow ball.

I got the idea from the Chemical mixers.


Sphere, Processing and Arduino

hope you all are safe!!

The hardest part for me in this assignment was to find my port so that processing would read my output.

I choose to use the values from the potentiometer to size a box in a sphere, for aestetic purposes I found it funny to se the two dimensions change in and out of each other.

I also wanted to add two potentiometers to controle both figurs, the even trough I made two floats and assigned two different values as output for the println, I couldn’t figure out how to have processing read seperat the two values?

Had fun doing it, here is a link to my processing code:


Here is a link to a video of it in action:




psychedelic hippopotamus

This weeks project  was my excuse to make a psychedelic hippopotamus:)

The code is here:


Using sound and LED’s blinking, I couldn’t help but make an animal a little decentered from reality

So I wanted to make an awake moment and a waking up moment(two states)

I’m going to post the video tomorrow, seems that either my Hippopotamus is to small or my breadbord is to big at the moment:/




Parallel vs. Serial

Hi everybody,

Here are my two drawing for a parallel and Serial diagram.
I could not make my serial work with three(so here it is with two), also the reason why I calculated with two LED’s.

I went with the average volt of an LED as 2.2V, I was inspired by the tutorial(Jennifer:),


Also here is my git hub link to them in action: Parallel  And Serial

I’m very excited to start on making weird, blinking noisy stuff soon, I got to light sensors I really want to make something out of.



Week 4

For a library I downloaded the fluid forms libraries, they had some really cool 3D exambles:

My github code is here(very happy to finally have made it work):


Week 3

I wanted to make an interactive flower and assign different pattles to the flower using the OOP.