LED cube

I found this a couple weeks ago and have been meaning to share.  Hurricane Sandy gives me a good opportunity to catch up!  I haven’t seen that many LED cubes but this one is pretty great.  It took him six months – scroll down for the video.


Rube Goldberg Machine


Here is a video showing my Rube Goldberg machine. The button triggers a light, which is read by a photosensor, which triggers a motor, which knocks over dominoes, which triggers a motion sensor, which lights the final light. Hooray!


Code is on Github here.

Arduino Rube Goldberg

Susse, Jason and I worked together on our Arduino Rube Goldberg. We wanted to make a little motor car drive over a strip of foil to light up LEDs along the way, but decided to start with something a little simpler that actually worked! So here we have a button which turns on an LED, which is picked up by a photo sensor, which sets off a speaker to play some sweet tunes. I think Susse will bring in the car that she was working on, so the next step is to have the car begin the Rube Goldberg instead of the button.

(I’m having trouble uploading the video so will put it up on vimeo and post the link in a bit!)

The Bear and the Flower – version 2.0

The Bear and the Flower – version 2.0
The bear’s nose is sensitive to the flower’s light.
When you pore water on the flower, it tips over and affects the allergic bear, who then sneezes.

tilt sensor -> servo motor & LED -> light sensor -> speaker & fading LED.

We wanted to upgrade the bear and the flower’s interaction. They actually affect each other now. We had problems with getting the bear’s nose to fade according to light exposure, and then to incorporate the sneeze into it. We decided to put an actual physical gesture as the trigger of the action – the water funnel, which can be repeated.

video on viemo.
github code flower.
github code bear.

Week8 / Rube Goldberg Machine

vimeo link

github mov link

github code link

I made a small Rube Goldberg machine using pressure sensor and servo motor. I needed something that had movement so I bought two kinds of DC Motor and also a Motor shield kit. But it was still not easy to do and I changed to servo motor. For pressure sensor, I just wanted to try it and chose two kinds of sensor to play with.
1. Press pressure sensor
2. When the servo motor pushes the blue car forward, the blue toy starts to shake its arms and feet
3. Small blue car knocks down the wood piece