Beginning Open Frameworks

Last Tuesday was my first time opening Xcode or OpenFrameworks.  I went through the examples and tutorials on the oF website and also googled oF tutorials.  I have a nice green-blue ball moving with the mouse but it doesn’t yet bounce on its own.  I followed the tutorials step by step to get here.

Maybe its the intimidating interface but oF feels pretty foreign right now (even though we’ve worked in Processing).  I need to improve my understanding of the language and where commands are placed.  I think with more time bouncing the ball will be fairly painless.  I am very interesting in learning more because of the programs potential.  It will be a great tool to know!

Video Here



I went back to Bootcamp in an attempt to find a simpler code to translate into OF. So what I thought it was going to be super easy –> BootcampSketch turned out to be a little painful cause I still hadn’t used arrays in that exercise… but anyway, OF was actually fun, cause basically when I thought I was halfway done I just started compiling it and I started fixing line by line (it tells you exactly where and what!). I used the graphics example to know where exactly to place the code and the font example to know how to place a text.



OF + Processing


I decided to port my bouncing balls sketch from Bootcamp into OF. Video can be found here (it works better with multiple people, but it’s just me here right now!). GitHub code is here.

When I originally had the Haar recognition working with the video, the entire thing began to skip and move really slowly, and then the balls moved really, really quickly. But, when I incorporated the image grab and had the haar recognition look at the image, instead of the video, it worked!

Also – here’s the website with the bouncing ball code (and a bunch of other codes).

See you later!


OF first trial Or Leviteh

OF first trial

I tried to get the “clear” by mouse click and I really don’t know if it’s working because I’m assuming that OF does not collect and update like processing. For that reason, the tool I made in processing, that left a pretty mark with the mouse, does not work in OF. What I did manage to do is control the colors of the lines with the keyboard, numbers 1-5, taken from the “BlendingExample”.

Screen video is here!

Codes are in this Google Doc






Also: instructions on how to Screen capture with QuickTime!  You can trim the video and share directly to Vimeo, useful stuff.

Bouncing balls in openFrameworks

Hi, all,

My original intention was to be more ambitious and translate a recent Processing sketch to openFrameworks. As I spent more time digging around in the openFrameworks resources, however, that ambition faded pretty quickly. The result: I have translated an early array of bouncing balls from Bootcamp, along with its flawed collision detection. But the balls DO change color when you hit a key—whee!

I found the available online resources to be much more difficult to use than for Processing; in fact, it took me a very long time just to figure out how to use HSB color (rather than RGB), and how to display plain text in the application window. I’m sure (at least, I hope) that this will improve over time as I get more used to it, but the examples I found on the oF website were very unclear on HOW to implement the various functions, especially as the file structure of openFrameworks makes everything far more complicated.

Here is the processing sketch on OpenProcessing. And here is the openFrameworks code on GitHub.

Finally, here is the link to the screenflow video on Vimeo.