Final Project

Final Project – Piano Player

Processing was used to see the motions as the piano is played. Since it is the holiday season, I chose a Christmas carol, Jingle Bell, for the song. Using Jingle Bell’s music note, press the right note on the piano and a motion is played telling a story. The motion does not play if you press the wrong note.

Github Link

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Midterm Project

I made a piano player using processing and iPhone, something that is friendly and easy to play. I chose iPhone so that people can play by tapping on the screen rather than clicking a mouse and a keyboard.

Github Link


Hi Everybody.

I’m sending you a link to my video for presentation tomorrow.

I have tried to document my process towards the final product.
Hope you are kick ass tomorrow, I will see you after the break.

Happy holiday and Merry Christmas

OF class + addon

I use the serial communication’s sketch( and “translate” the processing code into OF.


Here the git hub link


The most difficulty is the “translation” part. I used documentation on openFrameworks to figure out most of the code.

And I also found some useful resources to understand easier.

Open Frameworks!

Forgot to show my homework in the work session!!

Basically I took 2 examples, one from the Addons Examples the “SVG example”, where it has a tiger vector image that you can zoom in and out and turn around, and when you click you get the outlines built. I only liked that last feature, so I made my own svg vector image of a house, so when you click on it you sort of see the “inside”, like a 3D blueprint. I then had to add a class, and I found a really fun example from Jeff Crouse’s Code for Art, that had a particle class. I didn’t modify it much, just randomize the colors, and adjust some details to fit my drawing. I would’ve like to spend more time adapting that code, but it took me like 4 hours just to figure out how to link the files of the class to the main app :(