In class code

Here is a link to the code from yesterday. Let me know if you have any problems accessing it. There is also a link on the sidebar to my GitHub page where are the class code will live.

As promised the code for the in class exercise is up as well. Yall did a FANTASTIC job with it! Even if you didn’t get it exactly, the “mistakes” you found along the way were super cool – very interesting behaviors and emergent aesthetics. Never forget to tinker around with things!

Assignment Week 2

Assignment (due next class)
1) Create a cool animation using the trig concepts you learned today. Conceptually, you can (a) reflect on the passage of time across space or (b) further develop your interactive narrative from last week’s assignment.
2) Write a few sentences reflecting on your project. What themes were you dealing with? How did you execute it? What might you do differently next time?

week 2

Working with the trig figurs, made me want to explore clocks a little bit more.

I have before made a project with time projected on the floor and therefore saw this as an opportunity explore this.
I was working with two challenges not showing any numbers, and getting the actual time right, calculating how fast the clack should go: The first one, based of the training from class was this one:


The second one I wanted to play arround with more was this oe


I would like for that one to show two ellipses, the design from the alarm clock I designed was this, and was what I based my ideas for the clock from:


Assignment 1

Well, up until Bootcamp, I literally had no previous experience coding. However, once I started learning about it I was immediately fascinated by the possibilities  and concept of coding. Therefore, I’m hoping CC Lab will give me the opportunity to build on the skills I started to learn. I hope to be able to translate some more of my concepts and ideas into a visual programming language like Processing.

Here’s a link to my Bootcamp final:

In addition to Processing, I hope to really get into Arduino and start to explore the area of physical computing. I’m really interested in the concept of the “Internet of things” and the possibilities the Arduino and microcontrollers open up. More or less, I’m hoping CC Lab will be a place I am able to explore these new concepts and really experiment.


As far as artists and inspiration goes, here’s what I’m into:

Amon Tobin ISAM 2.0:

Samsara: Awesome  movie I watched this weekend. Touched on lots of subjects. Great food for thought and visually incredible. Check out the preview:

Sigur Ros: Possibly one of the best bands ever. If you’ve never heard them you definitely need to check them out! Here’s a preview of the film they made a few years back documenting a series of free concerts they threw when back from tour in Iceland:


Here’s the link to my interactive story:

1st Assignment

1st Assignment

What I hope to get out of this class


Since, I did not attend Boot camp, I was worried about I can catch up in this class. I have tried hard to study on processing and I am really interested in coding. I am exciting to make a code and I feel coding is like a mathematic to solve a problem and find a answer. I think seeing others’ code and think how it works is really helpful to understand.  Once a week, through assignments or sharing thoughts, this will great that I study by myself. My plan is spending an hour everyday to study on coding. I also am very exciting to study Arduino.

A link to the work I showed in class today
I just made simple processing code. I used for loop and array to control mouse X coordinate.

A designer that has inspired me… by bestiario
In this project, I don’t know what he used but I want to make my own sphere to show connection. by Zachary Lieberman
I like his idea.  it’s very creative and interactive using technology.
Yesyesno, IQfont

Link to my first Assignment

First week assignment

My interactive story:

This story is about the reader, who is also the forest elf in this story, helps little rabbits to rebuild their home.

It’s  a  simple story, and I think it’s good stuff for educating little kids. Letting them know our human beings have obligation to protect our environment rather than just damage it.



My final project in bootcamp:



One project that gave me a lot of inspiration when I did my final project:



What I hope to get out of the class:


After acquiring something about processing. I wonder it’s a fantastic and easy tool to make experimental animation, which I’m pretty interested in. And, that would be nice if we combine it with interaction application.


Besides, I’m font of sound visualization. While I don’t have any experiment about this stuff before. So maybe that’s what I want to discover depth in this class.


Week 1


First is a link to my project I worked on during bootcamp:


I was trying to illustrate an idea I had for a device turning on and turning off other electronic devices. Therefore a created a black background and and little black dotes in the that by calculating the distance from center to radius in the circling bubbles I made the bubbles turn on and turn off the background. Also I wanted life to the bubble so I added sinus to the balls, and gave them a changing “pulsing” movement as well.

What I hope to get out of this class:

I have a background in industrial design, and have carefully touched code a bit – I hope to learn some tools and get some inspiration to develope my ideas, and formulate them. This is a new language for me, but I’m eager to learn.


Inspiration artists I like is Dieter Rahms and Jacob Jensen, both industrial designers using simplicity nature and technology.

Especially Jacob J, challenged technology in the 70′s by using wood, and aluminium together, and creating an art piece and gramophone.

Initial musings and Storytelling

Here is my:  Final Drawing Tool

I hope to create some really great projects using Arduino.  After this first assignment, code already looks like every other language I have ever studied.  Here is my example:

At a restaurant trying to order cheese in French.

Step 1: “Fromage = cheese” Good!

Hmmm, how do I say, “I want cheese” so I don’t have to bark ‘cheese’ at the waitress?  ”Yo soy fromage?” Wait, no, I just mixed Spanish with French and I think I just said I am cheese anyways.

“J’aime le fromage = I like cheese”  Thats closer.  I think the waitress will understand.  Maybe if I add a hand motion like I’m eating.  Oh, I can add, “J’aime le fromage a manger = I like cheese to eat”  Yes, that even closer.  She will certainly understand!

So I think eating out in France will be a lot more fun once I can just sit with my friends and chat over dinner rather than fretting about how to place an order.  I am really excited about the possibilities and using Arduino but for now I am keeping my pocket dictionary close!

Some Favorite Work/Inspirations:

Here is my storytelling: Assignment 1

Lalor – First Week Assignment

Here’s a link to the Hip Hop Hero game I presented. Doesn’t seem to work on OpenProcessing, so you’ll have to download to run it.

What I’m trying to get out of this class is the ability to link a similar type of game to a physical controller. Eventually, I want to design a custom controller for the game.

Though not necessarily related in terms of execution, one of the artists I’ve drawn a lot of inspiration from is Kehinde Wiley. He’s an artist who specializes in repurposing classical European portraits as portraits of African American men and women. I think the idea of focusing on the Black experience, not only in the U.S. but across the world, is important – at the very least for posterity’s sake. Likewise, I intend to bring hip hop culture into the discussion of design, art and technology, so that future practitioners of hip hop will have new tools for interacting with the culture in unique ways.


And on that note, here is my first week’s assignment.