“Walk like an Egyptian”

This week I wanted to make sure that I understood arrays and classes and finally array classes so this is what I have been practicing.  I have also yet to use music so I wanted to download Minim and include music.

Here is one practice sketch:
Practice Sketch

Here is my sketch (it can take up to a minute for both rows to appear depending on where the seconds counter is):

At this point I am happier because I finally feel like I am beginning to put all the pieces together in ways that make sense.  As I progress I want to the two rows to be on top of each other with one showing when the other is not so one Egyptian has head looking right and arm up right and then it appears that the head turns and looks left with left arm up.


Week 4

I wanted to continue to use Minim while also exploring openGL. Opengl is a library that allows you to work with 3d graphic objects. More information on opengl can be found here.


Inspiration:  http://www.openprocessing.org/sketch/50329

I found this sketch on open processing. It is amazing how interactive and alive this peice is. I asxpire to create something like this as it stimulates the feeling of technology as life.



I hacked this code which started as an example from the opengl library. It was a great exercise as i found that i came to understand what was generating the cubes the colors and the motion. I added sound to it and have found myself staring at it for hours.



Library assignment

Here is my github link.

Here is the library named Ani that I chose.

I used Ani and class array. Trying to create 3 dimensional effects in 2D space. When you click the mouse, the dots will animate to some 3D shapes randomly.

Assignment 3 + 4 – Music Player

for last week, my assignment3(music player) was did’t work correctly and Liza told me to finish it for assignment4 (using one library and class).
I’m using a minim and 2 classes to make music player!!  Here is the link to the code on github.


- Choose Song and Artist (same as iPhone player)
1. Christina Aguilera – What A Girl Want
2. Bruno Mars – It Will Rain
3. Carly Rae Jepsen – Call Me Maybe
- Play / Stop : Control music to play and stop
- Playlists : Go back to main page

Library: layers


Here is my github link.

Last week I meet a problem with the winter sweet sketch.

As I wrote a “for loop” statement in the class sketch to draw the flower, in order to control the amount of the petals, it doesn’t work.

The reason is that there is no “void draw” in class sketch to complete the “for loop” statement.


And this week, I found a useful library called LAYERS, which could solve my problem.

The Layer library is some kind similar with class. But the biggest different between is that each layer could be controlled separatedly if you use the layers library. Because there is also a “void draw” in each layer. Here is the link of Layers.


  However, I meet new problems this week that after I used Layers library, my sketch ran quite slowly. It would take a few seconds when I clicked my mouse to draw a flower. 

Week 4 Assignment: Robot De Niro + GitHub


This week, I used the TTS library (which reads text) and the ControlP5 library that we installed during class to create a robot that you can have a conversation with. Basically, you enter certain prompts and it says things back. Of course, it’s super limited but it’s a start! Also, when the voice said “Robot” I thought it sounded like “Robert” so I turned the robot into Robert De Niro.

Here’s a link to the repo: CCLab_RobotDeNiro.

And here’s a screencast: Robot DeNiro Screencast

Have a great weekend!

Week 4, Libraries

Hi, ya’ll,

I downloaded the Traer Physics library and modified the Bouncy Balls example. This assignment took longer than I expected. I wound up creating a class that includes as one of its arguments an object in the library, so there’s an object within an object. (Yipes). Here is the link to the code on github. Since you can’t actually run it from github, I also uploaded it to our classroom on OpenProcessing here.
Soap bubbles sketch